The need to hire exceptional talent while keeping costs low is critical for any size organization, especially emerging startups and midsize enterprises. Recruitment as a service offers a high quality, cost effective alternative to big box staffing firms.

Most traditional recruitment agencies emphasize commission based transactions without ever really fully understanding your complete business needs. The RaaS model operates more like an on demand extension of your internal team, where the real incentive is alignment and relationship driven. Much like its Software as a Service counterpart, you pay an affordable subscription cost that gives you access to instant sourcing and recruitment subject matter experts. 


What is Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)?

Traditional staffing firms can charge anywhere between 20%-25% of the employee’s first year salary. Versed Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) provides a talent acquisition expert with cutting edge capabilities and technology access wrapped into a fixed weekly or monthly rate. 

With no charge per placement or hidden fees, our client’s have experienced a cost savings of up to 75% compared to what other traditional agencies charge. For a fraction of the cost, you can experience the unparalleled alignment of an internal team, with the expert level advisory of an outside agency. 

Is Recruitment-as-a-Service right for you?

RaaS offers an alternative to your hiring needs designed to complement your in-house capabilities.

  • Cost Savings: A pay-as-you-go model offers clear cost advantages compared to investing in a full time recruiter or expensive contingent solutions (25% fee). When you are not not hiring, you do not pay. 
  • Quick Delivery: For a fixed flat rate, you will receive an expert level headhunter to deliver qualified candidates directly to you. Our expert team will assess your needs and implement the appropriate talent engagement strategy.
  • Elevated Candidate Quality: Through proven and advanced methodologies, RaaS delivers candidates that will raise your performance standard and be aligned to your culture and organization. Versed uses an 11 factor scale when assessing critical competencies and specific situational fit factors to ensure your candidates are perfectly aligned.